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Sudanese Organization for Researches and Development

SORD is a membership based, Sudanese Non-Governmental Organization
dedicated to human rights and gender equality in Sudan
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Highlighted Researches & Papers

Being a research based organization, research is central in all SORD`s interventions to inform the organization at both its practical and advocacy work.
SORD mainly adopts Participatory Action Research (PAR) to create a positive social change through enhancing principles of participation, reflection, and empowerment. Research using PAR as its method takes place in four moments of action research, namely reflection, planning, action and observation.
Minimal Portfolio

Highlights of the proposed family law in Sudan

Masonry Portfolio

A Critical Study of the 1991 Personal Status Law

Classic Portfolio

Comparison between the Personal Status law in Arab Countries

Freelancere Portfolio

Civil Society and Law Reform

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The Philosophy behind the 1991 Sudanese Personal Status Law

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A Critical Study of the 1991 Personal Status Law

Our Programs

Since its establishment in 2007, SORD, has established many projects and programs which fall under three interrelated themes namely:
- Sustaining livelihoods for Women and Men.
- Gender Justice and Women rights.
- Enhancing capacities of CSOs.
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Gender Justice and Women rights

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Sustaining livelihoods for women and men

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Enhancing capacities of CSOs

Our Methodology

Participatory Action Research, Social Exclusion Analysis, and Working towards Ensuring gender Justice

Our Goal

By the end of 2020, SORD will be a significant contributor to citizen’s active participation
and a sustained civil society engagement towards ensuring sustainable development,
democracy and human rights where gender justice is in the core of the process.

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